Sunday, October 26, 2008

always something you don't expect

Just another beautiful day in the metro parks, in the distance you can see a river and an old bridge. We took the pups yesterday and they had a fabulous time. Icey, had to be rushed to the vet, because we noticed some marks on her face....turns out that she has demodectic mange, sometimes cause by stress. So I looked back over the past weeks, and remembered her being circled at least three days in a row at the dog park. A dog named JJ is to blame. I knew she was stressed at the time, but had no idea that it could or would effect her physically.

So the dog park is off the list for a while, and she needs to go through treatment, which is a series of "dips." I feel badly for her, but we are confident that it will clear up after several "dips."

I can still walked them, but it's not quite the same as running free at the park. So this is really kind of sad.

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