Thursday, July 31, 2008

McShame: Gay Couples and Adoption

New York Times McCain Interview (Published: July 13, 2008)

Q: President Bush believes that gay couples should not be permitted to adopt children. Do you agree with that?

Mr. McCain: I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family, so, no I don’t believe in gay adoption.

Two weeks after McCain’s interview was published the McCain camp has back peddled all of about one millimeter. But have no fear, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, McCain was asked the same question again. McCain provided the same answer only using different words. McCain said, “I’m running for president of the United States because I want to help with family values. I think family values are important when we have two parent families that are parents of the traditional family." McCain does not seem to understand that a gay “couple” has TWO parents. McCain was bumbling, repeating himself and trying to play a word game to dodge giving a direct answer. In the New York Times interview McCain answered the question clearly and directly, with a resounding, “no I don’t believe in gay adoption.”

John McCain’s statement, “I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family,” which he made to the New York Time is unfounded. Again McCain implies that “both parents” can only mean a man and a woman. Nonetheless, "30 years of scientifically valid research universally demonstrates that LGBT families are just as nurturing for children's growth and development as heterosexual families," said the Family Equality Council.

Other sources, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychiatric Association have issued statements supporting same-sex parents.

"Gay and lesbian parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide healthy and supportive environments for their children," the APA has said.

The AAP has said "scientific literature demonstrates" that kids with gay parents "fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual. (They) seem to develop normally in every way."

In 2006 there were over one half million children in foster care in the United States. (Please keep in mind that foster care numbers are fluid, the link provides greater details such as; ages, sex, race, where they are placed, how many entered, how many existed, it is all very interesting.)

Gay adoption problems exist for both gay women and gay men, however, it may be slightly more of an issue on the gay male side, since they have zero means to reproduce. In either case, it remains an issue of intolerance and hatred. Obviously, when we live in a country where parentless children need homes, and there are couples who want to adopt and provides homes, yet the government says no because the couple is gay, we have a problem. This is intolerance defined to a level of stupidity and is totally unacceptable. A free country has no room available for an intolerant bigoted government. The remedy is simple common sense. Realize the existence of humanity in all and exercise fair and equal rights. Let homes be found for these children and let families flourish. One more reason I support Barack Obama for President.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

monday the 28

So tomorrow is another start to the new week, only this time my week starts in my new office. Weight is always on my mind and I have held steady this last week without really trying. So that is a good thing. Tomorrow I will be back on the exercising, and in addition, I will be walking up four flights of stairs to my office.

I am a bit burned out on the sassy water, but I have to admit when I was drinking 2 quarts of it a day I felt a whole lot better. I tend to get hooked on coffee which is really bad for me, because then I don't eat and I don't hydrate. So on board once again. Sassy h2o and one cup of jo at the office as my reward for walking/biking and four flights of stairs to work.

Can't wait! : )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

is an Obama make-up even possible ?

To those voters who supported Hillary and lost, to those who say they will vote for McCain to just spite Obama ; is there anything Obama can say or can do to earn your vote?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

horse's mouth

Senator McCain has been accused of many things during this 2008 presidential campaign. When accusations are out there spinning out of control, it can be nearly impossible to find the truth. Thanks to technology, we can actually see and hear the candidates statements, as some would say direct from the horse's mouth.

McCain on his economy knowledge

McCain when asked about what he said about his economic skills

McCain's voting record on Veterans benefits

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

weigh in

I am down a total of 6.8 pounds. I have to restart the four day jump start, but I have continued exercising, eating much smaller portions, and eliminating the junk. I am very determined to be back in shape by fall. No excuses!

Monday, July 14, 2008

can u find?

1. AK47
2. American flag on fire
3. Traditional muslin attire
4. Osama Bin Laden
5. Afro
6. Turban
7. Disrespect
8. Bigotry
9. Lies
10. Shock Journalism

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bush's Cell Block

I passionately support stem cell research. I believe that all the possible positive potential far out weighs, in every way, any ethics debate. Stem cells hold the promise of treatments and cures for more than 70 major diseases and conditions including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injuries, and diabetes.

The only controversial stem cells are those taken from human embryos. The difference is that most non-embryonic cells have partially differentiated. Meaning they have started down a clear developmental path to becoming a blood cell or a muscle cell, whereas, the embryonic stem cell is capable of generating all cells in the body.

The Senate, after many vigorous debates, was able to pass the consensus stem cell research bill with bipartisan support. That in of itself is a rare occasion. In return, President Bush vetoed the stem cell research bill, saying that scientific advances now allow researchers to pursue the potentially lifesaving work without destroying human embryos. This bill would have expanded federal funding and allowed research on fresh stem cell lines drawn from surplus embryos destined to be destroyed by fertility clinics. Embryos slated to be tossed into the trash.

What are the candidates’ positions on this scientific research issue? John McCain opposes stem cell research and other types of scientific study that involve the use of human embryos. In sharp contrast, Barack Obama believes America should explore the potential of stem cells, including embryonic, to treat the millions of people suffering from debilitating and life threatening diseases.

This research is important for the United States on a health level, scientific level, and knowledge level. Also, it is important that our country continues to develop advancements in medical technology in order to remain competitive in the global market.

Many people, including myself, are anxiously looking forward to the day when this bill will be signed into law, by our new President, Barack Obama.

Stem Cell info

Senator Barack Obama short video clip

Sunday, July 6, 2008

sore loser

This thought has crossed my mind, and it seems there is a personality trait among some, that when they lose, they actually begin to dislike those who won. I have seen this before, but generally it is between people who actually “know” each other, and have long standing differences.

I do not quite understand it, but I have never been fond of that behavior. Maybe that’s why when I see it, red flags go up and screaming alarms sound, and a big bright sign lights up saying: “this person has issues." Internal warning to self: Watch out possible snippy, bitchy, aggression, may occur.

The sad (funny) thing is: that the winners are happy no matter what the loser says, but the loser losses even more by being sore, thus labeled “Sore loser.”

oh yeah.. tomorrow is monday

Week one : lost 4 lbs. I have a long way to go, realistically I would like to lose 20 more pounds. Ideally, I would raise that number to 30, but I doubt that will happen. I am excited and pleased with my progress.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Lately, I have been asking myself about race. Funny, the whole idea of “a conversation about race”, back when Barack Obama brought it up, didn’t ring any bells for me. I was so into Hillary, the first woman to become president that, I paid little to no attention to what Barack Obama was saying.

Now I am looking around at my life, and I realized I don’t have any black friends. I have known friends of friends, but no one that I would consider “my friend.” I even mentioned this to one of my girlfriends and she laughed, she thought I was being funny. I was being serious.

I raised my children without knowledge of the term “black.” When they were young, we were living in California and they went to a very diverse pre-school. All different shades of brown, tan, ivory, they were just whoever they were, no color label. No problem. No issue. We were sheltered.

It wasn’t until we live in Texas, that we realized there was still a lot of racism out there. We actually heard the “n” word at a party; it was so foreign to us, so ugly. My husband and I talked about what we heard that very same night. We were very shocked and really just totally stunned. We decided if we didn’t speak out against racism when we heard it, then we were just as guilty as the person spewing hatred.

Since then I have, and still do, speak out. At this point however, I would like to know more about racism on a deeper more personal level. I hope to better understand someday. And by understand, I mean, like, when you talk to a friend and over time you just tell it the way it is. You don’t try to prove anything, or try to be perfect, or politically correct, just the real deal. You talk it over together, and eventually you both understand each other. That is what I am missing in my conversations. I am guessing I am not alone.