Wednesday, July 16, 2008

weigh in

I am down a total of 6.8 pounds. I have to restart the four day jump start, but I have continued exercising, eating much smaller portions, and eliminating the junk. I am very determined to be back in shape by fall. No excuses!


Dexter said...

Dexter Trailmix doc said if I don't lose a bunch of weight by December 31 I have to have bariatric I am WORKING at it!
I needed to lose 60 pounds, I started a month far I have lost 12 pounds. 48 to go , and I have 5 months and 15 days. Yikes!

trevor parris said...

Good for you...the only advice i have is don't quit!
Even if some days you have less energy, walk around the block just a all adds up.

We didn't get here over night, it won't be gone over night.