Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is what I eliminated today. You see, I am obsessed with using less and buying less, and but what I realized is that I need to get rid of what I have. My solution to "stuff" in the past has always been to buy containers, label them, fill them correctly, and finally put the label container somewhere. Thus the problem begins....first forgetting that the container even exists, and second, forgetting what was even in the container. When I needed or wanted something I would just go out and buy it. This is all make up and skin care stuff...and the more shocking realization is that I rarely even wear make-up. I just like the idea of make up and skin care. I love the packaging, the ads and the claims and the bags - it's intoxicating.

Well not anymore.....and that feels good!

I have other items to sort in the house but this category was weighing heavily on me because I knew I was totally out of control. Someone recently wrote that," the worse thing you can do to get organize is buy a box or a container"...he or she was SO right.

"progress" - it's a good thing.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


One comes home mid-year for a short while, as the last one is excited and prepares to leave for his first year.....James was accepted to R.I.T.

Never a dull moment....that is until fall 2010, when all my little birds fly away at the same time. Some will return - some may not return. Not quite sure how this "mom" will fair....I really just do not know.


Friday, January 15, 2010

leave it behind for a time

So my baby, is taking a semester off from school. This is sudden news, found out on Wednesday. I am with her now at her dorm packing up all her belongings. She made perfect grades this last semester, but at what cost? The cost ended up being total burn out. She is sleeping, taking a nap just as comfortable as can be, and I am wound up like top. The uncertainty of a decision such as this, is just that, so so uncertain. I have confidence in her, but for some reason this is making me sad and anxious.

What I wouldn't do for my children to fix their worlds? But I can't. It's entirely impossible. I never knew that parenting becomes even more challenging as years past. Knowing how to support them the right way, at the right time, in the right tone, and let them go, isn't easy.


I am aging by the minute now, no longer by years.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sliced apple

Beauty in everything.

Today I will not be sour.

That is so yesterday

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sour grapes

Yes, I admit it....I am a bit sour today. Coming off a tough weekend, which included a ton of work up at 5:00 am both days working my @ss off (was in charge of a fund raiser, remind me to NEVER do that again), an airport that was shut down due to lack of electricity ( back-up power transformers were never connected correctly) which left me scrambling for a flight for my son to get to Boston for a new semester of classes starting on Monday.... and ending with the police at my house (after I went to bed), because of a twisted young f*ck who was harassing my son and his ex-girlfriend, by peeping in our windows, knocking on our window, throwing stuff at our house. The same night of his peeping, this twisted monkey also left a disgusting photo-shopped porno pic wrapped in saran wrap on my son's windshield (above)....which is now in police custody as evidence.....sounds like I should be on Jerry Springer.

I am going to look at the bright side here....the image of my husband yelling and running after an 18 year old athlete, in his PJs, slippers, and his Buddha robe, in the snow, at 10:30 PM Sunday evening in 16 degree weather..... kind of makes me laugh.


Friday, January 1, 2010

letter not sent

I ate crow and will put it all behind me. I believe this was the peaceful choice for everyone I care about, including myself.

penny pig

Thank goodness for this CoinStar machine that took all these pennies and counted them for me. Nine hundred plus pennies in this pig and another container had well over 1,500! Now every time I fill a container, I will turn them into an Amazon gift certificate immediately (there is no charge for the counting when you choose convert to a gift card). No rolling and counting for me, heck no, not for 10 bucks!

I wonder when the copper used to make the penny will become more valuable melted than the penny coin itself?