Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sour grapes

Yes, I admit it....I am a bit sour today. Coming off a tough weekend, which included a ton of work up at 5:00 am both days working my @ss off (was in charge of a fund raiser, remind me to NEVER do that again), an airport that was shut down due to lack of electricity ( back-up power transformers were never connected correctly) which left me scrambling for a flight for my son to get to Boston for a new semester of classes starting on Monday.... and ending with the police at my house (after I went to bed), because of a twisted young f*ck who was harassing my son and his ex-girlfriend, by peeping in our windows, knocking on our window, throwing stuff at our house. The same night of his peeping, this twisted monkey also left a disgusting photo-shopped porno pic wrapped in saran wrap on my son's windshield (above)....which is now in police custody as evidence.....sounds like I should be on Jerry Springer.

I am going to look at the bright side here....the image of my husband yelling and running after an 18 year old athlete, in his PJs, slippers, and his Buddha robe, in the snow, at 10:30 PM Sunday evening in 16 degree weather..... kind of makes me laugh.


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