Sunday, July 6, 2008

sore loser

This thought has crossed my mind, and it seems there is a personality trait among some, that when they lose, they actually begin to dislike those who won. I have seen this before, but generally it is between people who actually “know” each other, and have long standing differences.

I do not quite understand it, but I have never been fond of that behavior. Maybe that’s why when I see it, red flags go up and screaming alarms sound, and a big bright sign lights up saying: “this person has issues." Internal warning to self: Watch out possible snippy, bitchy, aggression, may occur.

The sad (funny) thing is: that the winners are happy no matter what the loser says, but the loser losses even more by being sore, thus labeled “Sore loser.”


divalicias said...

I think sore winners are even worse that sore losers! Unfortunately there seems to be an increase in the sore winners these days. Or maybe it's just me being a sore loser? I dunno. I just saw a very ungracious sore winner politician a couple weekends ago talking to a group of people who mostly supported his opponent. He seemed to revel in rubbing our noses in his victory. It didn't do him much good, alienating the people he needs to help him win in the general election. So I spoke to him afterward about needing to be more gracious in his future remarks, telling him that whilst those in the room supported his opponent, they really would like to support a winner and that could be him. I don't know if it sank in, but people will not give him money unless they feel that he will listen to them and appreciate their support.

Trevor said...

Yes, I could have written about sore winners....they are really obnoxious. I think my post was more about the supporters, not candidates or sports figures.

More graceful on both ends of the spectrum would be wonderful. It is so easy to admire either position when done right. :)

Thank you for your insight.