Saturday, March 7, 2009

sandwich genration for sure

So much in the middle, that sometimes I can't see the clearness of day. These are very challenging times, and I think if it were not for the change in weather coming up, I might just turn into a pile of mush. That being said, things aren't bad, they just are not good, well, they are kind of bad, and kind of good.

I don't have it together, similar to the saying, "I am dancing as fast as I can." I am really happy overall, but oddly I am stressed. It's a bit wearing, but I keep on going, and making great progress on several fronts.

Expectations are too lofty, I expect way too much. I even expect too much from my vacuum cleaner....laughing at myself on that one, but it's true.

Searching for the middle ground without landing in a big ole' pile of mediocrity.

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