Friday, September 16, 2011

be more nimble

We have set a goal, finally and we are redirecting our efforts to minimize the burden of "stuff" we carry. When we moved out of our fairly large and over stuffed house of twelve years, into our temporary living quarters, my Mother's house, I thought I had really purged. Well it's been 3 months or so, and the heaviness of our storage unit is weighing on my mind.

We have decided to sell or donate what we really don't need or want. Some items were iffy going into storage so those will be easy to donate or sell. Other items will be difficult to sell, like our pool table and our dining room curio cabinet, both large items and both pricey items. We will do our best.

We just want less to move, less to use, less to fix, you name it, just make it be less.

This entire minimalism concept struck me to my core, the other day when I was reading through a blog about simplifying your life. It sounded so good to me I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's become my current obsession. I am excited about this, and I believe this will provide the kind of flexibility we want in our lives.

Can you imagine, being able to move to another country just for a year for fun? Or spending a year in this state and then that state, because we want to? I don't know where we will end up being, but I do know we can't hold on to a bunch of stuff if we want to be nimble.

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