Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fat butt walking

Well, I haven't gotten very far with anything, except moving. I suffered a 3-week set back due to a sprained foot, but I have been walking to and from work for the past week and a half. One way is two miles up hill, that's in the morning, and then it's two miles downhill coming home. I can't believe it, but now I look forward to walking in the morning. Like right now, I have this feeling of anticipation, like an excited, "wow, I get to walk tomorrow morning." That thought makes me happy! I used to dread exercise. But I think the idea that I am going somewhere that I have to go, and not just in a circle, has worked wonders for my attitude. Even when I drive places I do to like to back track. I also feel good because I am not using gasoline. We moved the office three years ago from downtown to the suburbs because of the wasted time commuting and increasing crime.
Anyway, I am eating better, drinking more water, drinking "naked juices" those are really good, and feeling much better over-all. I should be losing some of my winter blubber as I continue. Right now, I am just happy being excited to continue....

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Jamie said...

I've tried everything else to lose weight, but have never heard of "Naked Juices". Good luck with your mission.