Sunday, September 14, 2008

high road to 270

Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign and appealed for voters to rise above partisan division, embrace a politics of hope and believe in “change.”

However, just as Barack predicted, day after day, the McCain /Palin ticket continues to rack up exaggerations, insults, attacks, and lies in attempts to avoid issues. During this year’s Republican convention there was an onslaught of false statements, snide remarks and one-liner put-downs aimed directly at Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The McCain/Palin duo is embracing the Rove-playbook. We are witnessing the same old political hogwash of Bush, Cheney and Rove, only this time thinly disguised with the label “mavericks.”

Many Obama supporters are looking for Barack to fight back. Their frustrations have them wishing for a rock‘em, sock‘em, knock down, drag out fight, but they are not going to get it. Barack Obama will not lose his cool. Barack Obama will not be slinging traditional political dirt back and forth. He will continue to campaign, as planned, he will stay on message and keep his promise, and he will remain the only candidate of change. Obama will take the high road; a road that Republicans don’t even know exists.

Just as Obama masterfully won the democratic nomination, I trust that Barack Obama and his team have the strategy to secure 270, or more, electoral votes and win back the White House. So hang tight, volunteer, get out the vote, donate what you can. Barack has this one covered.

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