Saturday, November 8, 2008

a good thing to know

On Thursday, I attempted what no sane woman should ever attempt. I made the effort to teach my sixteen year old son, who only has his temps, how to drive a stick shift. Not any stick shift but a brand new car, still has temporary tags, no less.

When I was at the dealership, I wanted a deal, I always want a deal that my nature. So in order to get the deal I wanted , the special rate, and the special price, I had to take delivery that day. All they had on the lot was a stick. So I bought it. Not thinking too much about the stick because well, I learned on a stick, and I remembered that some guys think they are fun. No big deal.

Well Thursday, my patience was tested, I was scared out of my skin, and frustrations were running high. In the middle of a deserted Target parking lot, we tried over and over again.....he could shift into second once we got going, but the starts were anything but smooth. "That was really good," I would say, trying not to discourage. Several more jerky starts and stalls and he hit the wall, he said, "That's it, that's enough for the day."

Fast forward to today, and he and his father went out and had a perfectly wonderful time. No stall outs at all, and a young man who returned beaming with confidence, almost ready to take to the open road. At first I thought, well, he took what I "taught" him and improved.....that was not the case. He made that pretty clear to me. Ha ha. I am not a teacher, I may be many things but not a teacher.

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