Thursday, April 2, 2009

Global Warming, What Can I Do?

I saw this polar bear strolling on thin ice, and it left me to wonder, “What can a Burrito like me do to stop global warming?”

First: understand the problem:
There are numerous articles linked from this page that offer a wealth of information. (be sure to look at the North Pole retreating ice graphic about half way down the page)

Second: simple lifestyle adjustments:
- Switch motors = bike, walk, carpool, combine trips, public transportation

- Eat Greener = eat less meat and dairy

- Smarter homes = lower your thermostat, use new fluorescent bulbs, unplug tvs, chargers and computers

Third: get involved!
Please take a moment to visit
At you can join over one million other supporters to demand our leaders to freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now. Also on this page you will see over 30 relatively easy and quick methods for you to “individually” make a difference. I know, not everyone can make every change listed, but real change comes from each individual action. Be aware of global warming in your daily life and express your concerns to your friends and family. “We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution.”

You can also get involved locally by encouraging your neighbors, city, schools and other organizations to think about the global warming problem with each decision they make. Encourage recycling, bike paths, ride share, eliminating plastic bags and less wasteful use of energy in heating and lighting. The list goes on and on but in reality there is no time to waste. Our planet needs your help.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you would remember the 70's "global Ice Age" that was imposed on the planet with the same vigor as the now "global warming". In a short period of time, relative to the planets climate, we have been scared into beliving the planet would freeze over and mankind would be abolished forever to the current scare that the planet is warming up and if we don't stop this trend, we will again perrich. As an open-minded individual, I am trying to determine which era is telling us the real version of the Earths doomsday scenerio. I now read about the hundreds of scientists and researchers who have recently reversed their position on this warming phenomona and now conclude their is not creditable evidence which supports the "warming" theory. I would challenge any climate expert to put his/her reputation publicly on the line and convince us with scientific data and facts, that the planet will cease to exist if we don't stop breating and passing gas. Now the doomsdayers will have us believe that obese people are the cause. Good grief.
You asked what can you do the help stop global warming? I would say stop believing in it. Do more research into the Ice age scare of the 70's and current global warming scare and then decide if this all real or just another Liberal ploy to tax the hell out of everyone under the guise of "saving the planet". Please, don't buy into this fear tactic. Real experts in the field of climate will inform you that the planets climate change is part of an ongoing weather cycle where the natural ebb and flow results in temperature changes to the oceans and overall climate conditions. We have existed here for thousands of years and I belive the human race will continue to survive for thousands more. This fear tactic is again only a ploy to force/impose taxes under the guise of saving the planet. Hogwash. Not true. No facts. Al Gore is a raving lunitic for stirring this crap and feeding it to the world.
Global warming does not exist. This will hopefully give you some peice of mind. Live long and prosper...