Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what about the "f " word?

As many of you know, and have been bore to tears over my struggle to lose my extra weight, I have been conscientiously making this effort for the last ten months. Damn! Who knew it would be so hard?

Through this I am finding myself in a predicament, where I am viewing obese/fat people as the enemy....not literally, but as a symbol of all that I have work so hard to avoid. I find myself losing respect for them and thinking, wow how in the world do you get "that big"....when I see fat children I just want to scream. Those poor children do not stand a chance, they are doomed to a life of health issues and psychological issues....what the hell are their parents thinking? I know this is not a pretty side of me but it is true.

A few of me dearest friend are quite large, and I have many acquaintances that are obese....I feel for them, because I "know" them, I know how awful they feel. No matter how many people will say they like being fat....I, for one, find that difficult to believe.

But in the general public, when the guy sitting next to me on a jet lets his blubber overflow into my seat, I just get grossed out and annoyed. Really annoyed.

In any case, I hit my lowest weight last week, and gained 1.6 back this week. It is a constant struggle, and no telling how much I would have gained if we didn't start tracking our weight at work. We had to stop the biggest loser game because it was getting too expensive. Now we just weigh in every week and support each other in the struggle.

The End of Over Eating

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