Thursday, April 24, 2008

bitter pill

This is what my view from my garden used to look like. I loved this view for ten years. In the summer it was absolutely gorgeous! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Along comes an asshole who has, destroyed his historic home, and the neighborhood by an addition, he designed and the city approved. We call him white trash with cash. Image and video hosting by TinyPic I am so angry that, it is hard for me to express myself. The thoughts that travel through my mind are hateful at best. I have come to believe that more people are assholes then not. That jerks are raised by jerks to become grown-up jerks and then they reproduce and raise more inconsiderate asshole jerks. I can't even talk I am so pissed off at this man. I am losing my patience with the lack of true consideration and respect for others in our society, I really am.


Anonymous said...

Indignation can be so intense, you wonder where all the passion comes from. I got that way today while discussing the fact that before a certain asshole who is now president, came into office, there weren't as many products coming into the US from China, like a bogus heart medicine that killed several people.

unsure about this said...

Thank you for your comment. When I was writing my bitch session, I too thought of that "asshole", our president, who has been responsible for so much loss. Human loss. At fist it was in my post , then I thought I should keep the two separated.

I appreciate your comment, and truly understand your are saying.

Never stop speaking out against those that cause pain and loss.