Saturday, April 5, 2008

hard yard work

Well, the sun was out today, and I worked from after my first cup of coffee until five-thirty. I took one break for food, and two breaks to talk with different neighbor friends. I would be out there still if it was about ten degrees warmer.

One neighbor shared a story about the sidewalk down the street. My friend Sue grew up in the house down the street. After her divorce she returned to her childhood home and she raised her two boys, from toddlers to adults. The boys footprints were in the cement sidewalk in front of their house. Well, a couple years ago and Sue's son enlisted, and he lost his life in the Iraq war. Sue eventually sold her home. New owners moved in last fall and ripped out the old sidewalk and tossed the crumbled footprints into the dumpster, never even blinking an eye or asking anyone about the prints. One piece concrete held her boys small footprints for so many years. Now they are gone.

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