Thursday, April 17, 2008

find the good

I have been walking everyday to try to lose this weight I put on over the last two years. My muscles are sore, the bottom of my feet hurt, and I have not lost really any weight, maybe a pound or two on the good days. I realize that this is most likely one of my easier challenges, however, it seems pretty difficult at the moment.

I have been reading more about living conditions in other parts of the word. I really get rather disgusted with my own life style, in the sense that, I have it so good here while others suffer. I could have been them and they could of been me. It's not guilt, but learning more has inspired an inner desire to figure out how I can help. So I ponder this, while I make donations here and there. There are so many organizations with so many causes. I have a handful that I support but still I desire to do something more.

I am also attempting to eliminate negativity in my life. Lucky for me, currently, I am more often then not, surrounded by kind, fun, upbeat people. These people seem to be on pretty much the same page.

That's all I have right now. Wait, I still have some painter's block. I have three paintings started, but I have not touched them for a while. The weather has turned nice and I have been pulled into my garden, where I just completely get into the dirt and earth zone. I could be out there all day long, without speaking to another human being and be totally unaware of time, and be 100% pleased with my day.

That's all for now...peace..find the good.

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