Sunday, January 2, 2011

20 degrees

Blue skies and twenty degrees, lovely.

Donna's light by her chair has burned out, and her Sunday paper is waiting at the end of the drive. I used to pick it up and put it on her back porch. Now it's not my place. She has one living brother that will handle everything I suspect. I have never met the man, but as I recall Donna said he was a total ass.

Her house sits on a prime piece of real estate. For many years various individuals have pestered her to sell. They would leave offers in her mail box, and call her even after she said no. Hard to imagine what will happen to her home.

I still have my cold, but I am going to suit up and take the dogs to the park. The dog park is my alternative world, which will be changing soon as well. Many friends and different personalities down there. It's a soap at times, but I just observe and try to stay out of the daily gossip.

Wish me luck, I just want to stay relatively warm

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