Tuesday, January 18, 2011

pushed beyond the point of breaking

No song is so fitting for me right now as Cher's new release "You haven't seen the last of me." My life has a lot of good in it, that I would never trade away to get rid of the bad, but it is really really a struggle right now.

I have been pushed beyond the point of breaking, and in those moments I have seen the worst in people. "Nobody loves you when you are down and out." Where I come from if you aren't down and out, they don't love you because they are far too jealous. I have been at that end of the spectrum as well.

I have learned what I don't want for my family, and that blood means nothing unless you were raised with a sense of commitment to family. Ever hear the term "tough love?"...that would be a tremendous step up from no love, zip , nada, nill.

Narcissistic personalities bred and raised, and to top it off - the level of pride that is held for being cold hearted self absorbed assholes is astounding. Anyone who dares to suffer a financial downturn, is a simply a moron, just plain stupid. Not like the entire global economy had any effect on millions of businesses. Hello?

On the bright side, at least their core values are not contagious, and I won't ever feel like I am missing anything from them again. They are just my relatives, not my family.

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