Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 new year, new me?

Ah no, just an older me, with battle scars.

I fought many battles over my lifetime, and some that will never end, however, I am finished with glass half full and half empty bull sh*t. I have a glass. That's it.

So we begin the year older and wiser. Yay! That has to count for something. Simple goal this year, add running to the workout, add meditation to my day, and get something accomplished. There's nothing worse than working really hard just to remain at the same place. I have a tendency to discount what I do, only because my expectation are way high, unrealistically high, and I know this but that doesn't change a thing. This is where the reality police need to come in and shake some sense into me, but that will never happen.

At any rate, I am stuck with myself. I have been sick all week with a cold. The last three days I have have 5 different renditions of chicken noodle soup, at least now I know that fat and salt makes soup better. Even though I am behind the starting line of my new year, I still think I may have a glass.

I return to blogging with all good intentions, and will attempt to post my thoughts more openly than before, and I will try to stay away from my whining blog....such a crutch. --- Wishing myself luck and a happy new year to anyone reading.

Day one new year: Chicken noodle soup, Boarders and family dinner at our house with Gmom.

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