Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cross-Fit chronicles - First Day.

Just a few words about my experience so at the end of the first 18 class session I can see what I was thinking in the beginning. I can get to the gym in about 7 minutes by car. In class I am:
1. thinnest
2. oldest
3. weakest core muscle there
4. most flexible

One more person is joining on thurday - hope she/he is old like me. :)

I was last on the timed workout, but that's okay. I think I will learn quickly and I am determined. I feel good that I am not doing these work outs with a bunch of extra weight. I have soft spots that need attention, which hopefully will turn to toned parts. It was hard. It was, at one point, OMG can I do this? I did. I have been home for just an hour and I can feel my legs burning when trying to get up from the chair.

The instructor is very cool. He's about 50 something, he is really kind and nice, but stern. Looks like former military , I am not sure. His dog, Jessie, hangs out at the gym.

Anyway, all is good a nice hot bath tonight and then tomorrow I wont be able to walk...

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