Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my conclusion

I have come to the conclusion that I really do not dislike any of the candidates, well, not so hot for GOP's McCain. What I do not find at all appealing is the various supporters and pundits I see on the television as well as those heard on radio and read in print. It is not enough for many supporters to just proudly stand with their candidate. They seem to find it impossible to refrain from gleefully jumping into massive arguments and accusations. I believe that the social mentality of our country has been diluted to down to a point that encourages the lowest yet acceptable language and behavior. And if you are willing to go below that level, well, please please, let me get the first crack at broadcasting your vile-ness to the world. Calling this primary a political freak show would be insults to the freaks and their shows.

I hope that those who are without homes find shelter. I want those who are not educated to turn the page on their text books and stay in school. I wish that some day all women will be respected as equals to men. I hope that the world becomes a safer place, and that hunger and disease are eliminated. I hope that those who chose to injure change and become those who heal and inspire.

All of these things start with the individual. Start the change in yourself, then spread your wings and include your family and your friends, then your neighbors, next your town and so on. Real change does not start by one man or woman in the white house; it starts right where you sit with yourself. Remember no one man or woman holds the rights to these dreams. No one person can claim ownership of all hope. Own your hope and your dreams and own them now.

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