Thursday, March 20, 2008

look over there

Obama delivered a speech he wrote, or helped write, regarding the country's concern over his life-time pastor, Reverend Wright. Instead of answering the questions out there, he chose to lecture America on basic history and facts surrounding the characteristics of some black churches and racism as a whole in the United States. That is a fine topic to discuss, but it did not answer the question of why? Why did Obama choose to join that church? Why did Obama say before that he never heard any of Wrights controversial comments only later to say he did? Why didn't Obama leave that church? Why does he choose to continue to participate in a church that spews hatred and lies about our country? Why does Obama support this church financially, if he does not agree with what it teaches? Why is Reverend Wright his spiritual leader? His mentor? Why can't Obama tell the truth about something so personal?

Obama did not need to write a speech to answer these questions. He just needed to answer them honestly and completely, which is exactly what he chose not to do.

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