Monday, February 15, 2010

never stops

Yesterday I found out that, my 17 year-old niece has been in a in-house rehab center since Christmas. I found out - not from my family, not from my mother or my brother (her father) who both live not more than 4 miles from me. My niece is in my son’s class, same school, he didn’t even know. Mind you, this news comes after the fact that no one ever told me that her step-father died right before Christmas. I learned about that from my accountant.

I ran into my niece’s mother at the store, gave her a big bear hug, because of the loss of her husband, she was the one to tell me about rehab. I felt so bad that I had no clue and that I was of no help to her during her struggles.

We left it that we were going to reconnect my daughter, her daughter….and both of us. I always liked her, and even referred to her as my sister-in-law in the store, even though she isn’t. The girls were close when they were younger and they both deserve the chance to be family – the good kind of family.

I can not understand these people (my family of origin). During all this my brother has not once participated in any of the family meetings at the rehab center. He looks the other way, and to top it off he is suing his ex-wife for custody and modified child support - she will be 18 later this month. What an asshole.

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