Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wrong car

So I am looking out my office window, and I notice that the tail lights on my car are on. I think to myself, "did I leave my lights on? battery will be dead!" I am putting my coat on and watching my car, very confused at what I am seeing. Then all of a sudden a woman gets out of the drivers seat, and she is also just stunned with confusion....she's looking at the car in bewilderment....then she all of a sudden, starts jogging a few rows over.

She got in my car, tried to start it, and when she realized what she did she scurried made me laugh so hard. There was a lot of snow today, and most people would think that if it wasn't their car it wouldn't have unlocked by pushing the button.

Obviously, I forgot to lock my funny. I am sure she has a car that looks exactly like mine, she sure tried to start long enough. I could have missed the whole scene had I not been looking out the window....that's my happy story today.

Life is still hell.

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