Friday, March 4, 2011

Rainy Windy Friday

At the office today. I wish one of my three computers here was half as nice as my one at home. These are a combination of what I have acquired, and I need to get all the "important stuff " off them. What a big job. I think I will just buy some hard disk enclosures and take the drives out and have all the info I want through a usb connection. Too many years of family mixed with personally mix with business....and all arranged in a non-logical manner. In other words a nightmare.

But two of these machines have a program I like and use, but it's longer available for free, and it was a download so there are no disks. This makes me reluctant to get rid of these two dinosaurs. The third is a laptop....I don't like laptops, personally, but it has to do for least it has some speed. :)

Much to do about nothing actually.

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