Wednesday, March 30, 2011

two more classes

Well I have to say I have two more classes, in my first session of Cross-fit....I never thought I could really do this. I mean, I paid the money and all, and showed up, but really - I have more muscle now. I am stonger, faster, and feel better.

Our class is great 3 women and 2 men, 2 cops, one electrician, and a another girl who I don't know what she does. One of the cops is a woman and she is married to the other cop. Man, I would love for them to pull me over - no ticket for sure. :)

So as a group we decided to take another session. Same bat-time same bat-channel. One week off in between. Ugh! I like the nights I don't work out, but every night I do, I feel like I have done something good.

SO I am hoping to switch up my diet for the second session , and really burn some fat. At least burn the fat that is still hanging around.

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