Thursday, December 24, 2009

just too much

I am losing my enthusiasm for this Christmas holiday that is celebrated (in USA) by buying shit for people that don't need it, or don't want it, with money that someone else could use for a much more noble purpose.

Anyway, this is a whacked-out way to celebrate this holiday. People are hungry and by the way, even in America people go hungry.

Why would any one's "God" want us to celebrate in such a gluttonous manner?

I was raise with this BS, and seriously it makes me feel creepy now. I have been through the years of "Santa" bringing everything, making everything look magical and staying up all hours for what ???? to teach what???? I am pissed that I was that way.

Maybe the fact that I am working on no sleep because I spent last night in the ER has fueled my foul mood - not quite sure. (Everyone is fine - just a scary migraine that had to be checked out.) Maybe it's the fact that my Mother thought I was coming over for Christmas day when I told her twice that I was not - and I had to tell her yet once again, and she acts all surprised.

I will get over it, and I will change for the better, just makes for a rough few days of witnessing the over-the-top commercialism, commerce and consumption.

Change is in the air - it starts with me - it starts today.

Peace to all.

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