Monday, December 14, 2009

young love in a f-ed up world

Wow, think it's hard to suffer a broken heart? How about watching your son be berated by his girlfriend's parents when they don't even know him. The old boyfriend first told numerous lies to this girl's mother, finally he fessed up and they were allowed to see each other. We thought the worst was over.

I just found out the old boyfriend was spying or peeping through our windows the other night as they watch a movie. This came up because I had tied the curtains back for the holidays with gold ribbon, and my son said he may have to untie them....I asked why?...then the stalking episode was describe to me.

So first this old boyfriend lies and he fesses up to telling lies, and now he is just plain stalking their every move and reporting back to the girl's mother. What a sick puppy!

Today they came to our house for their lunch break, I was home. Low and behold the mother finds out (how creepy is that?) and she isn't happy about it and now once again, my son isn't acceptable for their daughter.

Man this burns me up. My son is a senior, a swim captain, he doesn't drink and he stays home almost every night. He only goes swim parties and dances that have parent chaperons.

raaaaaghhhhh! Looking for my chi again......still looking.....

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